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Battery operated hydraulic crimping tool | 45 kN | max. 150 mm2

Battery operated hydraulic crimping tool | 45 kN | max. 150 mm2

Article: Stilo45

Cross section: 6 - 150 mm2

Crimping force: 45 kN

Max. stroke: 16 mm


Crimping Dies


Technical characteristics:

  • rapid feed by 3x axial piston pump
  • press head rotatable by 270 degrees
  • automatic pressure limitation and monitoring with pressure sensor
  • soft start and quick stop
  • engine shutdown and automatic return after completion of pressing
  • electronic control and monitoring of the pressing process
  • manual return from any position
  • automatic energy-saving mode
  • storing all crimping and error messages on internal memory
  • reading all cycles and error messages via USB
  • controlled motor control to increase service life of transmission, engine and battery
  • no aborted press cycles by ongoing monitoring of the battery
  • integrated service management
  • software updates via USB
  • fast tool returns due to high return flow volume
  • multifunctional electronics with sleep mode waiting display and battery control
  • integrated intelligent electronic module with 2 multifunctional functions LEDs (3-color LED)
  • mini-USB interface for popular PC systems
  • readable data of the curve of the pressing process and error message
  • service control, Li-ion battery 18V 2.0 Ah
  • battery charge indicator


Tool dimensions: 124 x 369 x 81 mm

Tool weight (incl. battery): 2,3 kg


Set equipment:

Test report

Battery-operated hydraulic crimping tool

Battery 18 V/ 2,0 Ah Li-Ion (RA20)

Battery charger (LG8)


Software (CD)

Rigid plastic case

560 x 375 x 118 mm

SKU: Stilo45

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